Hockey Head Hiatus

The headline should tell you all you need to know.  Yes, it’s true, Hockey Head will be taking a bit of rest for the foreseeable future.  There’s no need to weep, I won’t be disappearing for long.  I’ve taken the opportunity to join The Score as a full-time writer/web producer.  With that said, if you look hard enough you should be able to find my trail of irreverent hockey news and all the latest dick jokes on The Score’s spiffy new(ish) website.

As much as I like to consider myself DIY, I can say with complete confidence that I’m excited as hell to join the already impressive cast of writers and bloggers at The Score.  I’d imagine you’ll find my fingerprints on some posts at Hockey Or Die, where I’m hoping my penchant for the ridiculous provides a nice compliment to Jonathan Willis’ statistical smorgasbord.  Should be a hoot.  As well, I’m working on The Break, which essentially plays like a snapshot of the inside of my brain anyway.

So with that, I bid you farewell (for now).  Thanks for being a regular reader of Hockey Head, and to dem racist sons-a-bitches that loved to litter the comment section with trash and call me a hack… suck my stick.