Carey Price Makes A Statement: He’s A Washington Nationals’ Fan

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Carey Price is a couple of things.  He struggled last year, I don’t particularly “cheer” for the Habs, but I felt sorry for him when his hillbilly brain started leaking into his raw athleticism and psyche.  There were rumours of incessant partying and a love for the drink, and that goddamn goalie mask that declares he is a butt-fucking country boy.

You’d think that Carey would want to present himself as somewhat likable, if at least not a drunk to the people of Montreal.  Nah, not Carey Price.  He elects to sport the hat of the sad excuse of a franchise that was once the great Montreal Expos.  Sure, the Expos became a joke in the end but it was in Washington where things got the shittiest.

Carey spoke with TSN today (here is the interview), and admitted that he is not afraid of a challenge from the Canadiens’ fans.

I bet he was sitting on a cooler full of Bud Light this summer with some dudes in cowboy boots and thought a Nationals’ cap would be a great idea.  Then again, that would be acknowledging that Carey Price is clever.  I’m not ready to do that yet, but I bet he loves chewin’ on straw.

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  • Brook Trout

    Country music in general does not belong in any sport other than rodeo, Nascar, and cousin fucking...definitely not hockey. Carey Price is a turd and will never lead them anywhere because they just can't put it all together. Agree with SL, the only place Garth Brooks belongs is on a poster in Chris Gaines' bedroom.

  • SL

    I've got nothing against "country boys". I've got some "country" in me, believe it... but Garth Brooks has no place on a hockey helmet. Nuff said.

  • Wade

    Lame jokes. A country boy knows the only thing that gets the job done, is hard work. But Canadian country boys also like their beer and rye. Sometimes they struggle to balance the habits. Ed Belfour, Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull and Neil Young had the problem, but in the end always got the job done. Say what you want about country boys, but they don't sit idle and wait for shit to happen... they know what hard work is.

    Sitting here making up news that doesn't matter. As Mr. Cooley and DBT would say, "you'd have to have a hole in your own to point a finger at somebody else's sheet."

    The kid's got skill... but you know what the kid has that you can't teach? Heart. He'll be fine.

  • I'd like to continue to see him fail miserably.

    A Nationals hat? He's lost his damn mind.

  • SL

    The Roy moment was uncalled for on both Price and the fans' part. I see him bouncing back this year, though. They're a much different team, with a different coach and hopefully Carey did some maturing in the offseason.
    It was tough for anyone watching him unravel and miss pucks like he had no cerebellum.

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