“Happy Gilmore” swing ruled illegal in a Nova Scotia Supreme Court case


From the Christian Science Monitor comes wind of a Canadian judge handing down a ruling making Adam Sandler’s “Happy Gilmore” golf swing illegal in Nova Scotia.  The sordid details surrounding the case are worth a look.  I’m all for anything that involves;

28 cans of beer, a bottle of tequila, and “some marijuana.”

My golf game is non-existent, but the “Happy Gilmore” swing is the only reason I’ve ever picked up a club.

What’s going to fall to the law next… Youngblood fights?

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  • There's a law that absolutely doesn't make sense. Times change and so does the game. If the swing doesn't hurt anyone, I don't see the point of banning it.

  • Did they run out of things to write laws about in Nova Scotia? I really don't think anyone would use the swing seriously anyway.

  • I find it really funny that something like this would be illegal haha. I mean, isn’t golf still golf? Maybe I’m just a bad golfer and I swing differently.. lol. I don’t see how a certain type of swing could be okay and another one not..

  • SL

    That would make sense, judging by the accessories involved.

  • Bruce Knoydart

    I heard this happened @ the Bombers Club Open

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