Morning Head: Kane Blows His Cover, Drawing Pogge, And Snoop


Anyone recall Dany Heatley’s quick brush with video game fame when he adourned the cover of NHL 2004 before being replaced by Joe Sakic?  EA Sports chose to replace Heater after he attempted to travel back in time in his Ferrari and ended up killing his Atlanta Thrashers’ teammate Dan Snyder.  Considering Patrick Kane’s act of incredible stupidity (robbing a cabbie), it wouldn’t be surprising to see him replaced as this year’s cover boy for NHL ’10.

Chicago Blackhawks right winger and South Buffalo native Patrick Kane and a relative face robbery and other charges after allegedly assaulting a cab driver and failing to pay their fare after getting a ride from Chippewa Street early this morning.

Check out the full story at if you haven’t already.  Here’s the kicker… their fare was $13.80 and the assault and robbery was over $1.20 change that the cab driver did not have on his person.  What?  No tip?

***Update*** ( has archived the original article, so I give you  Reports now saying the dispute was over 20 cents change.  Whatever, Kane’s image is going to take a hit… cocky little fucker he is.)

Pogge Sent Packing

Tuukka Rask Justin Pogge was once the goaltender of the future for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Pogge has reportedly been shipped to Anaheim for nothing (for now) where he’ll likely assume the role of number three on the depth chart.  My buddy Eyebleaf takes it easy on Pogge upon his departure, I’m not so sure I could have been so kind.

Speaking of the Toronto Maple Leafs, remember a few weeks back when I was championing the cause for the club to name a captain? It looks like Leafs’ Nation is on board, and they’re tired of watching a captain-less squad.  Maple Leafs Hot Stove has your nominees, I’m going with Komisarek.

Donald Brashear, Riley Cote, and Jeff Carter Hang With the Doggfather


Stick-taps to for the photo and story.

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