Playoff Haiku for 2016

I can’t believe I’m actually posting haiku. Anyway, it’s April 20th, which I know for some people that are into certain things often means they celebrate by filling up their lungs with luscious clouds of sweet-sweet ganja smoke.  That picture of the Stanley Cup may have originated from the Dallas Stars’ 1999 Cup celebrations, when “Dimebag” Darrell (R.I.P.) and the boys from Pantera were hanging around. That’s just a guess, though. If I don’t despise myself for doing this I might keep ‘em coming.

Halak was wrong choice
The Caps grinders buried him
No one is surprised

Ovie was not great
He did not need to be great
Habs should Fehr the Caps

Bad penalties hurt
Any chance the Habs comeback?
Price can answer that

Wideman got a goal
But Tuukka Rask stole the show
Vanek still no go

Lots of hits were thrown
Bergeron scored the winner
Miller is alone

Two Czechs dropped the gloves
Sobotka fought Sekera
Nothing landed though

Vancouver scored first
Then L.A. followed with four
They both added more

Something you don’t see
No player who wears the ‘C’
But guy in the crease

Canucks’ net was shits
Physicality was key
Doughty is the tits

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